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Digital technologies in the bovine and buffalo dairy chain; coordination Crea - Zootechnics and Aquaculture Research Center

The project aims to respond to the need for greater efficiency in bovine and buffalo livestock farms included in the milk supply chain.

For the bovine species, the main objective of the project is the development of an integrated business management system, using the approach and techniques of precision livestock farming (PLF).

Therefore, starting from data obtained from sensors installed in an experimental farm, a model will be developed that integrates the data from the different sensors and produces, through "alerts" to the farmer or impulses for mechanisms / machines, a feedback aimed at changing the environment and consequently to normalize any pathological situations (or inefficiencies) of the animals.

The simulations will take into consideration all the business sectors from that of animal welfare to that of the production of quality products (milk for food use or for cheese making of PDO products).

Zootechnics sub-project contacts

Contacts: dott. Fabio Palmiro Abeni

Office:  Lodi, Via Antonio Lombardo 11


Phone: 0371 450105


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