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Decision Support Systems at different spatial scales; coordination by CREA Viticulture and Enology Center

The general objective is to produce systems of decision support at different spatial scales (National, district and farm), for the sustainable management of soils e for the enhancement of the "terroir" effect, that is of the best interactions between grapevine, environment and agronomic management.

It will be implemented a decision support system (DSS) to be used on a farm scale and district, which provides practical indications of management of soils in the phases of pre- and post- vineyard planting.

In a goal of overall sustainability of viticulture, a further line of research is related to the correct design of the vineyard. Services of intervention and programming develop are aimed specifically towards contractors and large areas (Doc, Docg, Producer Consortia, cooperative wineries, control bodies) which will decline the service at the level of single farm.

Viticulture sub-project contacts

Contact: dott. Paolo Storchi

Office:  Arezzo, Viale S. Margherita 80


Phone: 0575 353021


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Progetto Agridigit

AgriDigit prevede un coordinamento e sei sottoprogetti che coinvolgono svariate Unità Operative, con una caratterizzazione scientifica differente tra loro